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We are here to serve all your needs: Flowers, Indoor and Outdoor plants, as well as landscaping services! We are located in Adliya and are open 7 days a week from 8 am to 12 am.

All type of plants are available like Rubber Plant (Robusta Elastica) ,Dracaena Fragrans,  Palm,  Dragon tree  Heartleaf Philodendron,  Bonzai Plant,  Ficus lyrata,  Areca Dysis,  Syngonium Neom,  Cupressus Goldencrest wilma,  Ficus Lyrata,  Pinus Pinea Silver crest, Anthurium white,  Spider plant,  Anthurium pink,  Bromelia, Rubber Plant,  Spider Plant,  Anthurium White, and all other types of plants.

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Rubber Plant (Robusta Elastica)

BD 20.000
Rubber Plant (Robusta Elastica) 90 to 100cm height

Dracaena Fragrans

BD 17.000
Dracaena Fragrans with pot 70cm


BD 6.500
Palm 30cm with pot

Dragon tree

BD 18.900
Dragon tree 90cm height

Heartleaf Philodendron

BD 3.250
Heartleaf Philodendron 30cm

Bonzai Plant

BD 12.600
Bonzai Plant small 20cm

Ficus lyrata

BD 23.000
Ficus lyrata 75cm

Areca Dysis

BD 11.000
Areca Dysis 80cm

Syngonium Neom

BD 9.450
Syngonium Neom 16cm with pot.

Cupressus Goldencrest wilma

BD 9.450
Cupressus Goldencrest Wilma 50cm

Ficus Lyrata

BD 30.000
Ficus Lyrata 110cm

Pinus Pinea Silver crest

BD 12.600
Pinus Pinea Silver crest 50cm

Pinus Pinea Silver crest

BD 8.750
Pinus Pinea Silver crest 35cm

Anthurium white

BD 12.600
Anthurium white 50cm

Spider plant

BD 9.450
Spider plant with pot 30cm

Anthurium pink

BD 12.600
Anthurium pink 50cm


BD 6.300
Bromelia 40cm

Rubber Plant

BD 9.450
Rubber Plant 30cm

Spider Plant

BD 9.450
Spider Plant with pot 30cm

Anthurium White

BD 12.600
Anthurium White 50cm

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